Bell-O-Seal Bellow Seal valves

One of the most frequent and serious problems valves face is gland leakage, results in wasted and increased plant downtime. Apart from the high cost of energy losses, Gland leakages can also cause serious environmental, ecological and health hazards to plant workers and personnel. Leakage of sensitive material can also constitute to a fire hazard, explosion, or damage to equipment by corrosive material. All these complications can be averted by using bellow seal type valves. The bellows comply to conditions at high temperatures and are capable of withstanding over 10,000 cycles without failure.

    Advantages of Bellow seal valves:
  • By covering the circumference of the valve stem with bellows, leakage from the gland components is reduced.
  • Controls energy loss due to leakage and helps save energy.
  • Maintenance is simple as there is no need to retorque the gland packing.


  • Design features